Advanced Lazy Load

WordPress plugin – Advanced lazy load is aiming to speed up your website which powered by WordPress. It delays loading of images in (long) web pages. Images outside of viewport (visible part of web page) wont be loaded before user scrolls to them.




Activated the plugin, while end user is opening website, will load the text first, and the then load images in your website, in this case will help reduce the loading time, the image is still in your website, just load it later and base on user screen scrolling by jQuery script, scrolling down, more image will be loaded, no need to call back any external server.


To install Advanced Lazy Load, you can use WordPress search function or upload zip file to do this.

To Activate this plugin, you reach it from Setting 



    There are two options provided in Plugin Setting area now:

    Pixel and Fading in duration

    Pixel . The distance between image and bottom of browser.
    The number of pixel can be positive or negative.

    • Positive: Image will show up before its coming into browser view (just like the right example)
    • Negative: Image will be loaded after its coming into browser view.

    Pixel in browser


    New Options (from 1.6.0).

    • Skip img class(es)
    • Skip URL(s)
    • Enable on mobile device





    Fading in duration. From following instance you can easily understand how it works. How much time it will take from opacity 0 ->100 (this option is mainly for better user experience, to avoid popup)




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    1. Paul
      Paul says:

      I like this plugin it works well for me. I tried a few others and found them to be complicated. Thanks. I do have one question though… Is there a way to lazy load text as well? For instance, if I have a page that has 200 listings and each listing has a thumbnail logo and a blurb of text, can the text that appears alongside the thumbnail image lazy load as well? If so, how can this be done? The only example I can think of is what you see here on Crunchbase (… see how when you scroll down the page it “lazy loads” the content (image and text together). Thanks!

    2. Mate Solymosi
      Mate Solymosi says:

      Hi Kason,

      I recently discovered an incompatibility between Advanced lazy load and the WordPress SEO plugin with its “force rewrite titles” option enabled. The problem can be traced back to the way you handle output buffering in your code: your ob_start does not have a corresponding ob_end_* call.

      I recommend updating the plugin to use the following code, or something similar:


    3. Andrea
      Andrea says:

      Hi Kason,

      Thanks so much for this plug in.
      I tried to use lazy load js with WP, I could make it work just on hard coded images.
      So this plug saved me for all the post image.

      But it would be so nice to have a class for deactivate this js. There is any (quick) way to exclude this action? I got some share icons that are loading lazily but, i don’t want to!

      Thank you.


    4. James
      James says:

      Fantastic plugin!
      We are using your plugin with Woocommerce.
      Once you load a page, the images of the product don’t show up until you move the mouse.

      Is there anyway to display all of images you find once you access a page and as you scroll down it would show the rest of them?

      We’ve detected it happens specially in pages using this shortcode:
      [product_category category=

      Thanks in advance.
      Kind regards.

    5. Vv
      Vv says:

      Hi Kasonz

      I installed the plug in – and now all of the images in my site display with a ? from wp dashboard – and if I call up the site when logged out (i.e public) the images do not display. I thought it broken links but images still there – I just can’t see them anymore.

      Any idea how to get the images back again? I tried deactivating and deleting your plugin but still no images.

      • Vv
        Vv says:

        PS – I did also have cloud flare but deactivated. Also I had images stored in sep area for parallel loading. working fine before though – was at around 6 seconds for a hefty page size – but I’m in third world country so throttled bandwidth. Wanted to try lazy load as well.

    6. Lorenzo
      Lorenzo says:

      Hi Kason,
      thank you for your script.

      I try 1.5.2 beta but this version is very slow (the page is loaded in about 1 minute)

      When do you think to release the stable version?

      Thank you

      • Kason
        Kason says:

        Hi Lorenzo,

        Do you have URL to the page?

        I have test on my website, it seems ok, I will create test for stress testing.

        Best regads,

        • Lorenzo
          Lorenzo says:

          Hi Kason,
          no, I’m try on mywebsite in firm but at the moment the plugin is inactive, because I can’t have my website very slow.

          You can contact me on skype wmp_lorenzo and I can activate the plugin for just 3/4 minute

          Thank you

    7. Shannon
      Shannon says:

      Love this plugin but the only issue is that it blocks the Facebook Like box which I have in my sidebar. Any way to keep it from blocking that box?

    8. Alex
      Alex says:


      the only plugin worked for me…
      but with ajax pagination no images displaying in results (only in first page where no ajax calls) – i think it must loading the lazy after ajax but how can i do it ?

      Best Regards

      • Kason
        Kason says:

        Hello Mate,

        I am very happy that you can help to improve the code, i am currently very busy on other stuff, so apologies my late response, I will update the code as soon as I can.

        Best regards,

    9. Loc_rabbirt
      Loc_rabbirt says:

      Hi Kason,

      Thank you for reply and I am apologize when I don’t make any response in my question.

      When I tried deactivate theme and activate theme again, it worked for me. It is very good to optimize my website and thank so much for your time. Until now, I found the error when DEBUG: ON in wp-config.php and it will be show the error:

      Notice: wp_enqueue_script was called incorrectly. Scripts and styles should not be registered or enqueued until …

      I hope you will fix this error in next version and thank you again.

      Designer Resource

    10. Abdullah
      Abdullah says:

      when i activated your plugin it gave me “Cannot redeclare strposa” error. so i deactivated it and now layer slider does not show up on my site anymore!
      do you know how can i resolve this problem?

    11. Simone Janson
      Simone Janson says:

      Hi Kason, thanks for this great Plugin, which makes my blog so much faster than other lazy-load-plugins. Would it be possible to implement a noscript-fallback-solution for SEO Reasons – and for users not using javascript?
      Would be great, thanks.

    12. Bhavik
      Bhavik says:

      Great job… this plugin in working in mobile also. I reduce my mobile load from 17 to 60 out of 100. Thank you very much.. please describe skip img class in detail so i can use more effectively.

    13. Naser
      Naser says:

      Awesome work folk!

      After infinite-scroll and lazy load installation which none of them work, your Plugin Worked Great!

      Thank You!

    14. Richard
      Richard says:

      The Plugin works great for “normal” images but:
      Why are the images within my Carousel (Product-Images) and the tab “Ähnliche Produkte” not Lazy loaded? See
      Did i implement something wrong? I am using Bootstrap 3 as CSS Framework…


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